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I just sent Bitcoin to the Ukraine Government

Because we have been empowered

Something profound is happening right now in the global financial space. In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the world is quickly figuring out that Bitcoin is an effective alternative for transferring wealth.

On one side of the conflict, Russians are desperately converting their rubles to Bitcoin, hoping to preserve their own wealth as the ruble is in free-fall, having lost 30% of its value against the dollar since the invasion was launched. And if Russia cannot exchange its oil for the global reserve currency dollar, it might instead use Bitcoin as payment.

On the other side, thousands and hopefully millions of people such as myself are using Bitcoin to transfer wealth to Ukraine, our collective and immediate financial support perhaps materially influencing the outcome of this war.

Technology has no soul; it cannot differentiate between right and wrong. It just exists. We decide how to use it.

Did not see this coming a generation ago, a global citizen uprising with financial teeth. We do not have to wait for our elected political leader to eventually make the right decision, we have been empowered to take immediate action. Using Bitcoin, that wealth exchange system that a few Luddites such as Charlie Munger still mistakenly believe is nothing but a scam operating for the sole purpose of money laundering.

I can’t help the Luddites. For the rest of us, this is our chance to change the world for the better.

Thanks to Bitcoin, we all have a stronger voice.

I transferred my wealth to this Bitcoin address:

The beauty, efficiency, and risk of using Bitcoin to transfer wealth is that there is no middleman. All that is need is an Internet connection, and Bitcoin wallets on either side. Meaning that there is no one to protect you from scammers. Before you choose to follow my lead, please be responsible and confirm for yourself that this is a valid Bitcoin address, that the recipient is who you think it is.

A shoutout to Elon Musk for his help in keeping Ukraine connected to the Internet using Starlink.

Unlike one-hundred-dollar bills, Bitcoin transactions are transparent. Click on this link and you can see exactly how much wealth, in the form of Bitcoin, has been sent to the Ukrainian government via this Bitcoin address:

As of today, over $8 million USD.

Not bad for a bunch of motivated global citizens, but we can do better.


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