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Eric Johnson is married with three grown children, has an engineering degree from Harvey Mudd College, an MSEE from San Diego State University,  designed satellite communication systems for 15 years, has black belts in Karate and Kung Fu, is an instrument rated private pilot, likes to surf, dabbles in astro-photography, was the founder and CEO of a small successful startup and is presently an angel investor.


None of which explains why he wrote a book on economics, an explanation of what an economy is.


In the Fall of 2007, the author and his wife were enjoying a Kenyan sunrise when he received a frantic text from his financial advisor on his brand new iPhone.  


“Need your permission to sell”

“Sell what?”



Some predicted the collapse of the housing market, most did not.   And thus begin the journey of an engineer’s self-education of finances, money and economics, never wanting again to be so financially vulnerable, relying on the luck of receiving a cell signal literally in the wild. 

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